Hello beautiful soul and Welcome. I am so glad You are here!

I am Magdalena, a Highly Sensitive Person.

I am also a Certified Coach for Highly Sensitive People and a  Restorative Yoga Teacher. I bring together a Transpersonal perspective, integrating body, mind, and soul with coaching, and relaxation techniques, to assist You on your path to empowerment and serenity.

If I can help one person to prevent collapse like mine own and spare years of searching, I Will know my mission is a success!

Let me tell You why this is important to me. I’ve always been emotional and reactive to the outer world. Easily scared, affected strongly by stimuli from surroundings, vigilant, drifting away in my thoughts, asking millions of questions, observing, analyzing, and processing every little detail or word. Moreover, I’ve always been highly empathetic, absorbing and feeling the world around me deeply. So joy, and sadness both were overly intense. Sometimes happiness made me feel like hovering above the ground, but other times I felt like in “the depths of despair” as “Anne of the Green Gable” would say. It didn’t stop my curiosity, loving and caring nature. But year by year I felt more and more not understood, suppressed, stuck in trying to fit in and be as I “should be”, and lonely. Discovering the High Sensitivity and that I am just normal and not alone, but among 15-20% of the population, was a huge relief, yet, just the beginning of the road…

Through my life experience and connecting to Highly Sensitive People around the world, I’ve observed that my generation is in an uncomfortable position of not being aware of our traits until our 30s or later. It is not surprising as the term High Sensitivity or rather Sensory Processing Sensitivity was introduced in the 1990s when we were at least school-age.

So, our parents couldn’t know about neurological and biological differences in our brains, which makes us perceiving the world more intensely. And we often fell into the trap of believing we were weak, too shy, too emotional, and as a result trying to fit in and just be like others. Fast-changing world, a growing number of external stimuli, or high-paced and demanding workplaces don’t help. Rather creates greater stress and pressure to keep up. What is even harder as HSPs tend to be overly perfectionists.

Then, after discovering our traits as adults, we have to deconstruct beliefs seeded throughout our lives, parenting, school, work, and society. That is challenging, especially when people around us often are not familiar with our traits, many therapists are still not aware of the temper of Highly Sensitive People and their true needs, and the modern world requires so much from us. Of course, it can lead to great exhaustion, chronic stress, anxiety, and burnout.

I know it. I feel it. I’ve been through the same! Not only through the learning process about Sensory Processing Sensitivity, re-programming beliefs like “you are too sensitive”, reconstructing my life accordingly with my Self and my values, healing past traumas, and learning Self-compassion, but also experiencing damaging burnout.

   This is why, after years of remodeling, and intensive studies, I’ve created this place. The place dedicated to empowering Highly Sensitive People. I  would love to offer my assistance in your journey to tapping into your full potential and helping You find serenity!

If You recently discovered your heightened sensitivity or suspect being a Highly Sensitive Person. Or if You want to work on improving the quality of your life, gain clarity on who You are and what You need, embrace all your Parts, and reconnect with Self, your values, and your goals. Or if You want to learn nurturing and Self-loving practices. Or if You feel overwhelmed by work or the modern world or like your life was consumed by stress and You crave more Self-care, Self-compassion, and just being present. You are in a good place! Please make yourself comfortable.

You are in charge here. I am your assistant on this journey. We will explore what your needs are. And then we will choose and tailor the best practices to take You there, so You can flourish now and save years of searching.

My Practice

1:1 Coaching and mentoring

An authentic approach, based on life experience and comprehensive studies. My practice includes a Transpersonal and Integrative model with Co-Active coaching elements. The goal is to help You to immerse in your full potential as a Highly Sensitive Person, whether You just learned about the trait, seeking meanings, or need assistance in reprogramming your personal or professional life. My practice is oriented toward the Polyvagal Theory and the Internal Family System model, implementing its tools, and is trauma-informed. We will work on empowering You as an HSP and welcoming serenity in your life.

The scope of my practice encompasses:
- understanding the Sensory Processing Sensitivity and functioning as a Highly Sensitive Person
- recognizing and integrating Parts (like a Critic, People Pleaser, Perfectionist, etc)
- re-connecting with true, authentic SELF
- understanding the importance of Self-Compassion and Self-Love. Working on nurturing, self-loving, and caring practices
-reviewing negative and limiting beliefs and creating new, empowering ones
- navigating through life challenges, stress, arousal, overwhelm, overstimulation
- relaxation and soothing techniques, regulation of the Nervous System.

Burn Out Prevention - coaching with restorative Yoga practice

We live in a world, where technology has overtaken human evolution. Our batteries become empty faster than ever before because of extreme input of stimulus, which our nervous systems are not taught to process so quickly. This is even more challenging for HSP, as our systems are constructed to perceive more intensively, feel more strongly, and process more deeply. We need more time to recharge, which is not always welcome in our personal and professional environment and generates even more stress.

This unique program is meant to help decrease burnout risk and stress present in Your life. The session lasts 90 min. It is a combination of:
- coaching to help You maneuver through personal and professional challenges; gain clarity on your needs; work on your habits, patterns, and beliefs that might limit You and stop you from tapping into your potential (see the full coaching scope I offer)
- Restorative Yoga practice, like asanas sequences, breathing exercises, and meditation to balance your nervous system and teach it to switch into parasympathetic (resting) mode.

Restorative Yoga practice

Restorative Yoga is a beautiful and rejuvenating form of Yoga practice. It is a style that answers to the needs of the modern fast-paced world but originates in Traditional Yoga philosophy and emphasizes awareness of the present moment, breathing exercises, meditation, and asanas. It is concentrated on deep relaxation, calming, and re-balancing the Nervous System.
In restorative practice, we spend extended time in each asana. We use yoga accessories like bolsters, blocks, and blankets to support our body, ensure it cannot resist resting, and entering the parasympathetic (resting). We focus on the body's parts where stress cumulates - we give these parts special support to deepen relaxation. We'll implement meditation and breathing exercises.
By relaxing the body, we calm the mind, as all is united. The longer the body remains in a state of relaxation, the more effectively it regenerates and thus decreases the risk of developing stress-caused diseases, burnout, or depression.

I prepare each sequence according to your needs. You are welcome at my studio or online session.
I may come to Your home with accessories, where You might want to invite friends and dive with them into beautiful restorative rest

Stress Awareness and High Sensitivity Workshops and Trainings

Are you a manager whose team members struggle with high stress and extensive workloads with a high risk of burnout and you would like to prevet?
Or You are an employer standing for work-life balance and striving to support your employees by introducing them to workshops where they can learn about stress impact, simple re-balancing and restorative tools?
Or You are noticing Highly Sensitive People in your team and want to learn more about their functioning to create a more friendly environment and help them tap into their potential?
Or perhaps You've discovered that your child is Highly Sensitive and You wish to learn more to understand challenges as a parent of an HSP child?

I offer workshops and trainings about the nervous system and its meaning, relaxation techniques with Restorative Yoga, and Highly Sensitive/Sensory Processing Sensitivity.

As a former trainer I'm aware of build up the program in accordance with your expectations. That is why each workshop is prepared and discussed individually.

Let's start this journey together


It took me years to acknowledge my sensitivity and embrace it in my life. Years of not understanding myself, not fitting in, feeling different, learning by mistakes, researching, healing wounds, and eventually professional studying.
Moreover, I did experience burnout. I know how it feels stage after stage, how destructive it is to see life turning into pieces, and how it feels to rebuild it step by step. A little bit like a child learning from the beginning, trying various tools and seeking any possible help.
And this whole journey brought me to the realization, that all would have been different if I had known how to model my life as an HSP, instead of trying to adjust. But it also helped me to reconnect with my True Self and taught me who I am and how to love and cherish mySelf.
So now I can share all this with you and empower you on your journey!


I am an former trainer (L&D). I used to work with teaching adults in corporate settings for several years. That work gave me incredible insight and knowledge about working, connecting, and interacting with people on many levels.
Years later, after my burnout and breakdown, I've embodied my professional and personal experience into dedicated education, so I could create this space and support you in the best manner and with the highest quality. I accomplished professional coaching training for HSP accreditated by IACTM at Highly Sensitive Humans Academy and I’m affiliated as a Professional Coach for HSP. Next to that, I followed Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Training at CoActive Training Insititute, accredited by ICF. I also accomplished Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Arhanta Yoga Academy.
And I constantly deepen my knowledge by participating in trainings and webinars like the Internal Family System Model courses at the Internal Family System Institute and PESI, Sensory Processing Sensitivity, burnouts, compassion, trauma, the nervous system, Polyvagal Theory, relaxation, yoga and restorative studies. I am in the process of obtaining ICF and IACTM accreditation.


I am just like You, face the same issues, share the same values, and overcome the same struggles. I know how to be a Highly Sensitive Person in the modern, high-speed world, corporate settings, with demanding employer, and overloaded by work. I truly get You.
After my breakdown and burnout I rebuilt my life from scratch around my Sensitivity and according to my SELF. Also, I decided to follow my vocation of helping others like me.
All of that brings me here, where I am offering my authentic experience, tools that I've been practicing on myself, and professional knowledge to help You become an empowered, serene, and flourishing Highly Sensitive Person. My mission is to ease this journey for You.


What The Clients Say

“I enjoyed working with Magdalena, her highly caring approach to coaching creates a nurturing space where I felt truly understood and supported. Magdalena’s remarkable intuition and attentive listening skills ensured that sessions were insightful and tailored to my specific needs. Her ability to create a safe container allowed me to explore my situation confidently, leading to deeper understanding of myself. I highly recommend Magdalena to anyone seeking an empathetic and effective coach for navigating life as a highly sensitive person.”

Irina, 1:1 coaching

“After the restorative yoga session, I felt deeply relaxed, which allowed me to fall asleep easily. Relaxation reduced stress and muscle tension.  The practice calmed the head and body, quieted thoughts, and allowed me to focus only on what is now and, above all, on myself.”

Marta, restorative yoga session

“Magdalena is a gem. Her sensitivity is a great asset during her coaching sessions. She has the ability to guide us to find a curious space within from where she is able to be a mirror, reflecting back our greatest qualities and assets. I highly recommend her as an HSP coach.”

Beatriz, 1:1 coaching