Have you discovered your Sensitivity lately? struggling to understand yourSELF and your needs as an HSP? or facing challenges, arousal, or overstress?
Yessss, Sensitivity can be a wonderful gift, but also a burden when not understood and taken care of well. I get that! That’s why I created HSP Empowerment and Serenity ! And I would love to welcome you there!
My goal is to help You immerse in your full potential as a Highly Sensitive Person, whether You just learned about the trait, or need assistance in reprogramming limiting beliefs or your personal or professional life.
In my work I integrate a Transpersonal approach, focusing equally on body, mind, and soul with various coaching modalities (eg Co-active) and Restorative Yoga with its relaxation techniques (asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation), to assist on your path to Empowerment and Serenity. My practice is oriented toward the Polyvagal Theory and the Internal Family System model, implementing its tools, and is trauma-informed.

Why all of that?
While healing from a damaging burnout and a breakdown, I re-learned about my true authentic SELF , and that it was the right path to follow. Because SELF is pure love and wisdom, healed, never broken, and has the answers. We just often lose this connection in the course of our lives. I also realized that burnout was the accumulation of years of struggles, trying to fit in and not being so “TOO” (weak, sensitive, overthinking, you pick), overstepping my boundaries while trying to please others, and criticizing myself for not nor being good enough (HSPs are known from the strong inner critic, people pleaser or perfectionism parts, aren’t we?). So I rebuilt my life from scratch around my Sensitivity and according to my SELF.
And I decided to follow my vocation of helping others like me. I accomplished professional coaching training for HSP accredited by IACTM at Highly Sensitive Humans Academy, where I’m affiliated as a Professional Coach for HSP. Next to that, I followed Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Training at CoActive Training Insititute, accredited by ICF. I also accomplished Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Arhanta Yoga Academy. But this is only a bit of what I can assist you with, so just let’s have a chat!