1:1 Coaching and Mentoring for HSP

An authentic approach, based on life experience and comprehensive studies. My practice includes a Transpersonal and Integrative model with Co-Active elements. The goal is to help you to immerse in Your full potential as a Highly Sensitive Person, regardless of whether You just learned about the trait, are seeking meanings, or need assistance in reprogramming your personal or professional life. We will work on empowering You as an HSP and welcoming serenity in your life.

Burn out prevention with restorative yoga and coaching

We live in a world, where technology has overtaken human evolution. Our batteries are becoming empty faster than ever before from extreme input of stimulus, which our nervous systems are not taught to process so quickly. This is even more challenging for HSP, as our systems are constructed to perceive more intensively, feel more strongly, and process more deeply. This unique program is meant to help decrease burnout risk and stress present in Your life by bringing together coaching and restorative yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a beautiful and rejuvenating form of Yoga. It is a style that answers to the needs of the modern high-paced world, but originates in Traditional Yoga philosophy and uses its elements, like breathing exercises, meditation, and asanas. It is concentrated on deep relaxation, calming, and re-balancing the Nervous System. The emphasis is on entering the parasympathetic (resting) mode of the Nervous system. By relaxing the body, we calm the mind, as all of it is united.

Offer for Companies

Are you a manager whose team members struggle with high stress and extensive workloads? Or You are an employer standing for work-life balance and striving to support your employees by introducing them to workshops where they can learn simple re-balancing and restorative tools? I offer workshops during which Your team might learn about the Nervous System and its meaning, relaxation techniques, or try full restorative yoga practice. These are just examples. Each workshop is prepared and discussed individually.